Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Spicy Chai

I love chai tea. I usually use the tea bag, instead of the syrup because I want to be able to control the sweetness type (Splenda) and level (2 packets in 20 oz tea). I buy my tea at work and the Vanilla Chai (by Bigelow) is the first to go when the cafeteria opens up a new box of assorted teas. Not that I mind too much. I think all of Bigelow’s vanilla-flavored teas taste horribly false. I’ve found a much better way to brew chai tea at work.

I stir a teaspoon of Kamal Tea Masala into regular English tea. Add two Splenda, a splash of skim milk, and I’m in heaven! This is an extra spicy blend (compared to pallid American versions) and even supplies you with 2 g fiber (if you slurp the spice slurry left in the bottom of the cup). I bought it at Jungle Jim’s.


At 7:01 PM, Blogger Valley Girl said...

Fellow Chai tea lover right here!

At 4:22 AM, Blogger babe with the keyboard! said...

its used as a routine in the preparation of indian tea -
try this (if you can, maybe at home) :
smash some ginger, and in a cup of hot water - add 2 spoons of tea powder, the smashed ginger, the tea masala you have there,sugar and asian mint (its called 'pudina') - bring to a boil and strain - add milk - it is sheer bliss on a cold day!


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