Tuesday, November 21, 2006

And the Show Goes On

Mrs. Bob ended this weekend. We were sold out on the last night and all performed well, making a great ending to our short run. I'm amazed my voice held up through all the screaming and yelling I did as Mrs. Bob. Mike contends that it's due to all the practice I get at home (SO not true!)

On Friday, I open in a show at The Beach Waterpark. Evidently, the park gets all decked out for the holidays, with lights, ice skating, nativity scenes, Santa, the works. I’m performing twice a night in a half hour show as The Ghost of Christmas Present. The show is set a few years after A Christmas Carol has ended. Scrooge remains transformed, but now Bob Cratchit has lost his Christmas spirit. I have an awesome costume (photos soon), get to act quite smug and superior, and finally get to trot out my British accent. (I had a Cleveland accent in Mrs. Bob.) The director has foolishly given me a song solo so that I may torture the audience's ears. We can only hope that the sound of the children singing along will mask my amplified croonings.

Yesterday (Monday) I started rehearsals for another show, opening in February, A Gown for His Mistress. I’m Yvonne, a clingy newlywed whose husband is cheating on her. I haven’t yet read the script yet (in my defense, I just got it last night), but the director describes it as a French farce where everyone is sleeping with everyone else.

More details when I have them!


At 5:01 PM, Blogger OldRoses said...

No wonder you're not garden blogging! Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. Can't wait for the pictures. You will post pictures, right?


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