Monday, February 07, 2005

Old Candy

Confession time: I’m STILL eating Halloween candy. In October, having newly moved into our house, I was psyched about Halloween. I pictured a constant stream of goblins and ghouls coming to my door. Everyone knows that running out of candy is a major Halloween faux pas, and leaves you open to being “tricked.” In preparation of the big event, I bought bags of M&Ms, Baby Ruths, Butterfingers, Crunch Bars, Junior Mints, and Whoppers. I was prepared with at least five pounds of candy.

On Halloween, I had three groups of kids. They arrived in cars. What has happened to Halloween!? I thought there would be hordes of children wandering the streets. After the pathetic turnout, I was left with most of the candy.

Mike and I ate candy for a month. He quickly demolished the Butterfingers and Baby Ruths while I gorged on Junior Mints and Whoppers. In the end, we were left with M&Ms (mini) and Crunch Bars. Neither of us is fond of Crunch Bars and mini M&Ms are just annoying. After staring at the sad candy pile for another month, I took it to work. I intended to set it out in a bowl on my desk - better that my coworkers eat it than me.

Two months later, the candy bag has not left my desk drawer, but much of the candy has. I have wee M&Ms or chalky Crunch Bars daily. It’s crappy chocolate, but I get my fix. Sometimes, I offer candy to my boss, but most days, I furtively eat it alone. On Friday, I was overjoyed to find a desiccated Baby Ruth bar among the other candy.

I guess it could be worse. I could be eating 2003 Halloween candy.


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