Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Save a Tree

I may be trashy, but I show my commitment to the environment in other ways. For instance, I purposefully copy documents in the two-sided mode to “save a tree.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t do much to “save my sanity” when the copier jams five times in 20 minutes. I feel like an earth day martyr as I get on my knees, root around in the hot, steamy insides of the copier, and extract pieces of crumpled paper. The usually culprit is the “high capacity feeder.” The feeder definitely has a high capacity; it holds four packs of paper. Unfortunately, any time you save by filling the paper reservoir less often is negated by the need to clear paper jams every 30 sheets. In the military, it would have been perfectly acceptable to relieve my stress by cursing at and kicking the copier. Here, in corporate America, I can only sit and stew. Is a tree really worth all this nonsense?


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