Monday, February 28, 2005

UC Barrister's Ball

On Saturday night, I attended a large, formal event, where I knew no one but my husband. Surprisingly, I had a great time! The pleasant experience was probably due to my copious consumption of alcohol, Mike’s wacky classmates, and my positive attitude. (Amy had such a good time at her husband’s barrister’s ball that I couldn’t be outdone!)

While the drinking was good for socializing, I had far too much. I’m not a party girl anymore and, even when I was, I could never drink a whole bottle of crappy Merlot without getting sick. As you might have guessed, I drank an entire bottle of Merlot, as well as a few “signature” cosmopolitans and one nasty shot. I felt great all night, until we retired to our room. Then I threw up. I was sick until Sunday night. Mike drank a lot too, but didn’t get quite as ill. He did get drunk enough to suggest that we dance (it takes significant amounts of alcohol to get him on the dance floor). However, after stumbling around for one song, we were done.

I was one of the oldest people in the room, but, since everyone is expected to behave in a sophomoric fashion at these events, we all got along well. I finally got to meet the people who live on “Plum Street” and we have plans to enjoy the arts together. The husband, at an ancient twenty-seven years of age, is Mike’s oldest law school friend. Mike's other, younger, friends were gregarious and their dates friendly. The female law students even made a few of us wives/girlfriends feel a part of the crowd by inviting us for a Girls of Section Four shooter.

The evening was amusing. I flirted with my dateless neighbor at the dinner table. We saw a girl walk out of the ballroom with her skirt ripped off and her thong-clad behind exposed. Feeling sober myself, I made fun of Mike's drunk friends. After the ballroom closed, Mike and I roamed the 25th floor of the Hilton calling out the name of the person hosting the after-party. We found him, but he was busy with a personal party. It was time for me to go to my room and vomit anyhow.

It’s Monday, and I have finally recovered. I’m ready for the 2006 Barrister’s Ball. No Merlot, please.


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