Monday, February 21, 2005

Meet Mimi

Well, we did it; we got a second cat. We brought Mimi home last Wednesday evening. As the two cats learn to get along, I am struck at how different, and how similar, they are.
Mimi loves to eat. Cleo couldn’t care less about food. Mimi is a lap kitty. Cleo detests laps, but will sleep on my chest at night. Cleo is aggressively playful with her toys, but Mimi is gentle. Cleo is fascinated with “outside.” Mimi doesn’t seem to notice a world beyond our walls.
Both kitties like to follow me around. They will often tolerate each other if they can be in the room with me. They both favor the same toy – a catnip stuffed mouse. Thank goodness I have two. Although I bought Mimi her own litter box, she prefers Cleo’s. The family that craps together…
They aren’t “best buddies,” yet, but both cats seem to be very interested in each other. They have frequent staring contests. When they get close, Mimi is easygoing, but Cleo growls, hisses, and postures. I’ve tried the recommended “tricks” to get Cleo to accept Mimi. I tried feeding them treats (Fancy Feast) together, but, while Mimi came running to wolf down her portion, Cleo wouldn’t come near it, even when she was alone. I tried brushing Mimi and then Cleo with the same brush, but Cleo hates the brush. The only positive, “together” experience I’ve been able to do is to pet and praise Cleo while Mimi is in the room.
They are both sweet kitties. If only they could be friends! I’ve read that introducing a new cat to your resident cat takes patience, perseverance, and, sometimes, six to eight months. I guess it is a little early to be expecting them to sleep together, wash each other, and toss the mouse back and forth. In the meantime, I am enjoying getting to know Mimi and appreciating Cleo’s quirks.


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