Friday, December 09, 2005

Flickr Stats

Do you ever look at your Flickr photo statistics and just think: “WTF?” My most viewed picture is of the front of my house. That isn’t too weird. But the second most viewed picture, viewed 154 times, is the photo to the left. It will win no beauty contests. It isn’t even nicely composed. It is simply a picture of some ugly stairs. Why do so many people look at it? Most viewed #3, #5, and #6 are ALSO OF THE STAIRS. I don’t get it. I DO get the reason behind the 96 views of Giant Underpants. After all, wasn’t the internet created so that we could see photos of girls in their underwear?

I’m also surprised by the photos people choose to mark as a “favorite.” Granted, only four of my 570 photos are marked as a “favorite.” My photostream isn’t very popular. *sniff* *sniff* Of the 0.7% of my photos awesome enough to be someone's “favorite,” who would have thunk that this one would be chosen? (This is a photo of a DEAD plant.) And how could Giant Underpants have been dissed? It's no one's favorite.

In all, my pathetic photostream has been viewed 6,509 times. Imagine if I had just taken more pictures of dead plants and ugly stairs... I could have charged admission and made a fortune.


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