Thursday, January 22, 2009

Invisalign: Tray 9 (lower)

Today, I swapped out the bottom tray only. While it’s exciting to have finished the tray progression on the top, I’m dreading the thought of wearing this tray for six more weeks, until I see the orthodontist again. Despite brushing, the trays yellow after a couple of weeks and no amount of scubbing really gets them clean. I grimace a little each time I put the “old” tray back on my upper teeth.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Zoro is a Bigun

I seem to have a knack for growing big cats. Take Zoro, for instance. He was a small, timid thing when we got him. He developed into a long, lean yearling. His coat was long and silky, but not terribly thick. When he was about a year and half, a terrible fight with Bear left him sickly for many months. When he finally recovered, he put on bulk and grew double the coat. He’s now the biggest of our kitties, but still as timid as if he were the runt.

If Mr Tibbs were still alive, they certainly could both no longer fit on top this table!

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Invisalgin: Tray 8

I visited the orthodontist today and was quite surprised to receive my FINAL upper tray. Yes, Tray 8 is the last tray for my upper teeth. I was also surprised to find that my lowers will be done after Tray 11. I was anticipating a treatment time of 15 months (60 weeks). Instead, I only have trays for 22 weeks.

This isn’t to say I’ll necessarily be finished after 22 weeks! I may need some more “slenderizing” - on the bottom this time. In my opinion, the bottom teeth are just too crowded to move into alignment. The orthodontist will make a decision on filing my bottom teeth when I visit in March.

Also in March, he’ll probably do another set of impressions and send those off in case of I need refinements and additional trays. Even if I don’t need a few more sets of Invisalign trays, I’ll definitely be getting a retainer.

I left his office quite pleased with my moveable teeth. (Although, if they hadn’t been so moveable, I might not have needed orthodontics in the first place!) My pleasure was rather short-lived because Tray 8 was the most uncomfortable tray yet. By the evening, my whole head ached from the pressure on my teeth. I cringed every time I had to snap the trays in or out to eat. Thankfully, the pain subsided by the next day.

Painful or not, I’m so pleased with Invisalign!