Thursday, March 17, 2005

One Month with Mimi

We’ve had Mimi for one month now. With all the Mimi/Cleo conflict, it seems like so much longer, but we are making progress.

When we first brought Mimi home I felt so sorry for her. It didn’t seem fair to bring a sweet, cuddly cat home to our little monster. Cleo is the most hyperactive cat I’ve ever seen. She behaves like a kitten on crack and scares the poop out of Mimi.

We are slowly beginning to see Mimi’s personality. After two weeks, she showed some interest in her toys and after three weeks, she began to be “frisky” with us in the evenings. I am sure that her play behavior is a sign that she is becoming adjusted to our home. Sometimes I forget how long it was between us bringing Cleo home and her complete transformation into psycho kitty.

Cleo still likes to stalk and attack Mimi. Mimi probably takes it a little personally, but I think Cleo is often just playing. Cleo would probably enjoy being stalked back. For now, she is content to have me chase her each morning. Mimi just watches our display with confusion. (What is wrong with our human?! Does she think she’s a cat?)

The kitties are definitely interested in each other. I’ve noticed them sniffing parts of each other on the sly. This morning, we had a minor breakthrough: they approached each other and sniffed noses! The tranquility lasted only a second or so before Mimi hissed, but you’d be suspicious of Cleo too if she was constantly attacking you.

A truce is not enough. I want them to be bestest friends. I’d like to have one litter box for both cats and both food dishes in the same room. I’d like to be relieved from stalking duty (although it is cute). I want them both to curl up with me at night. (Poor Mike, as it is, he has to remove Cleo from his side of the bed when he joins me.) We’ll see where we are at month two.


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