Thursday, October 30, 2008

Invisalign: Tray 3

Does it hurt? Not much. Every two weeks I change the trays, and the new, tighter, trays are uncomfortable. My teeth are noticeably sore for two or three days, but only uncomfortably so for the first day. Sometimes I take a painkiller before bed on the day I’ve changed trays so that I don’t lie in bed fretting about the ache. I didn’t take an analgesic with tray three and had no trouble going to sleep. I’ve never had conventional braces, but I imagine that they are much more painful than the Invisalign trays.

The most physically annoying part of Invisalign is just having something in my mouth. The new tray causes me to lisp for a day or two, until my tongue adjusts to the new conformations of my teeth. I’ve always been a slobberer (one dentist said I had a “juicy mouth”) and the trays make it worse. Like the pain and the lisping, though, it tends to subsides within a couple of days of beginning each tray.

While the thought of these side effects for TWO WHOLE YEARS bothered me in the beginning, I hardly notice them anymore. Any discomfort is totally worth it!



At 2:41 PM, Blogger Mervat said...

Hi Kasmira,
Yesterday I had 'power bands' on the top teeth to close the gaps...very painful. I didn't sleep well last night despite having taken analgesics and this morning feel as if I have been punched in the teeth. I am wondering if the invisalign system leaves your teeth feeling the same way.
P.S.Invisalign has only recently been advertised here (Australia)so not many orthodontists have experience with them.


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