Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Cat Blab with Photos

If you can stand to read another post about my cats…I developed a roll of film on Sunday and have some cute photos to share.

Cleo still enjoys her walks in the yard. If it’s cold or she gets frightened, she will lead me to the house to end the walk early. When it's nice out, though, she could stay outside forever! I am not quite so fascinated with "outside" and end the walks after half an hour. Because Cleo walks me, not the other way around, I have to pick her up to take her in. All the while, she makes the most horrible yowling noises. Once inside, she waits for me to take the harness off and has a snack.

Cleo is a finicky eater. She only eats cat food, tuna water (with the occasional tuna flake), and wheat grass. Her first batch of wheat grass was from a “pet grass” kit I bought at the pet store. I wasn’t willing to pay $2.50 for another 30 seeds, so I bought 10 lbs of seed online (at least a year’s supply). I was hoping it would keep Cleo from eating the houseplants and also add some fiber to Mimi’s diet. However, Mimi hates the stuff. I “mowed” some and put it in her dish and she still wouldn’t eat it. Cleo, however, is in grass heaven and she’s leaving my houseplants alone. She still likes to nibble on the grass in the yard, though, even the dried-up, brown blades. Go figure.

Cleo has taught her bad habits to Mimi. Now they both drink out of the fish’s bowl. However, Mimi has noticed that there is something interesting inside the bowl: the fish. She spends hours watching fishy-poo. She tries to bat it through the glass. When excited she’ll try to get the fish from the top, but doesn’t seem to like to get her paw wet. Sometimes, she meows at it. It’s very cute and quite entertaining when you’re stuck talking on the phone.

My furry babies are doing well, and as you can see, becoming quite the camera hams.


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