Friday, March 18, 2005

Happy Day After St. Patrick's Day

I’m not Irish, but I love St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe it’s all the green. Maybe it’s my secret desire to have a Gaelic accent and cavort with the little people. Whatever the reason, Mike and I celebrated the holiday with style.

On the evening of the 16th, I told Mike I had a surprise for him. I gave him a pair of shamrock boxer shorts, an “I [Shamrock] Beer” shirt, and instructions to wear the ensemble the next day. He was a little surprised (“I didn’t know this was a gift-giving holiday”), but agreed. He even wore his jeans with the hole in the crotch so that people could see his festive undies. When two different (female) classmates pointed out his shamrocks, he told them that his wife had given him permission to wear his holey-crotch jeans that day. As I have a surfeit of green things, I needed no wardrobe additions. I wore my green tweed skirt to work and, once home, changed in to a green sweater. I accessorized with my green shamrock necklace and green lucky charm bracelet. We were quite the holiday couple.

Instead of visiting an Irish Pub and dining on cabbage and corn beef, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings*. We had spicy chicken things and my first ever green beer. I had no idea it would be SO GREEN. It looked like liquid lime jello, but tasted like Bud Lite. Actually, mixing the two might be kind of good….in a lime/Corona sort of way. We played two games of trivia and downed two big glasses of beer.

Maybe the beer is why I like St. Patrick’s day so much. Who wouldn’t like a beer drinking holiday?

*I was first initiated to BW’s when I met Mike’s family in North Dakota. I thought that a whole restaurant devoted to hot wings was absolutely fantastic. I had no idea it was a chain and was thrilled to discover it in Cincinnati. It is my first pick for birthday and holiday meals.


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