Thursday, November 27, 2008

Invisalign: Tray 5

Just in time for Thanksgiving: a new tray to make my teeth ache. Thank goodness Thanksgiving food is soft.

Until you don’t have access to your teeth, you don’t realize how many things you use them for, besides eating. With my trays in, I can’t nibble on my cuticles, remove my gloves, or stretch out a rubber hair band with my teeth. I won’t say that I SHOULD use my teeth for any of these things, but not having the option leaves me feeling a little handicapped.

I also didn’t realize how sharp teeth are. I’ve grown used to my dulled, plastic-covered chompers. When I remove the trays and brush the edges of my teeth with my tongue, I’m always surprised at just how sharp and dangerous they are. It’s a wonder we don’t accidently bite our tongues and cheeks more often.



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